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We offer bespoke management consultancy services to the sector.

We support organisations with business and strategic planning, policy and procedure development, technical advice, operations management and business process improvement. 

Technical programme support
Mental Health and Psychosocial 

It is vital to be aware of international best practice and standards when delivering mental health and psychosocial activities.  We provide design and implementation guidance for successful MHPSS programmes, with a specialised focus on children.


Organisations must ensure programmes embed gender based violence and prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse policies and procedures.  We deliver targeted support to assist organisations to achieve safe programming.

Child Development and Mental Health

Few programmes fully consider the importance of specialised support to understand child development and mental health.  We provide unique insight, expertise and technical advice for organisations developing and delivering child-focused programming in international contexts. 

Business management support
Business and Strategic Planning

All organisations need to have a clear vision of the future accompanied by a robust implementation plan.  We engage all stakeholders to design, develop and deliver clear, measurable and exciting strategies for achieving their organisational aims.

Operations Management Advice

Effective operations management delivers successful programmes that achieve organisational and donor goals. We work with operations teams to ensure their support is relevant, efficient and fully enables programme teams to deliver.

Business Process Improvement

Running an organisation naturally requires processes. However, over time these can become onerous and frustrating. We specialise in process review, simplification and improvement , delivering time efficiencies and cost saving, ultimately ensuring a greater focus on programme activities, outputs and impact. 

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