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risk advisory


We know the sector-specific threats, risks, vulnerabilities and security strategies.

We support organisations to reduce programme, people, reputation and digital risks.

We understand Duty of Care and deliver tailored support, built from the ground up, every time. 

Travel support
Context and threat analysis

Understanding where you are going, what threats are present in the environment and how the infrastructure affects your safety is critical.  We deliver tailored analysis using open and closed sources.

Risk assessment

We use tested methodologies to help you understand what could place you at more risk, why might you be more susceptible to some threats than others and what actions can you reduce you risk.

Pre-travel briefing

Combing context and threat analysis with risk assessment, we'll deliver a report for 'go/no go' decision making and a verbal pre-travel briefing, providing your travellers with risk and reduction awareness.

Protective characteristics research

For travellers who declare a protective characteristic (age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, belief or pregnancy), we can deliver targeted research identifying risk and reduction measures.

Personal tracking

Locate and track your travellers using their smartphone, tablet or satellite devise, allowing them to regularly check in and request immediate response through a panic button feature.

Security alerts

Sign your up travellers to receive up-to-the-minute intelligence and information from around the world, keeping them informed of emerging threats and recommended responses.

Global operations centre

Connect your travellers to a 24 hour operations centre, linking them to your insurers, medical professionals, linguists, travel experts and experienced security managers.

Risk advisory
System review

Organisations are often concerned if they are meeting legal, moral and contractual Duty of Care requirements. Using a robust methodology we can review risk management documents and delivery, providing recommendations.

Security framework development

We bring together policies, protocols and tools to develop and communicate your security risk management principles, approaches, methodologies and commitments to staff and others working on your behalf.

Insurance review

Ensuring you have appropriate insurance is paramount. We'll review relevant policies, providing best-practice recommendations for territorial and financial limits, operating times and persons covered.

Bid support

Donors have varied security risk management and Duty of Care requirements. We'll support your bid development to ensure you present a robust understanding, supported by appropriate systems.

Mentoring and coaching

Security Focal Points are often allocated security risk management responsibilities without receiving any personal development. We'll remotely support these team members, building their capacity.

Incident and crisis management review

We'll review your security incident and crisis management situations to reduce your exposure, demonstrate care, improve governance and support your continual improvement processes.

Partner due diligence and support

We'll support you to assess your partner's security risk management capabilities, ensuring you demonstrate due diligence. Where required, we'll provide support and guidance to your partners.

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